Monday, June 19, 2006

RV's Girl Speaks

I fell for him probably at first sight. I am prone to that, it's true. If you ever met a crazy, neo-hippie artist type, long-haired and nomadic, chaotic yet loving, then that's me! I'm a complicated woman.

We met close to my 3rd gen roots in America; a vast, brilliant, often constricting yet liberal place for people like us, somewhere west. We became friends. He had a killer smile and an even cuter shy awkwardness.

As I got to know him between intervals of social hoo-hah, we clicked. I have to admit I am a bit flirty, often pulling men, boys, women, girls into my lair but this particular young man had depth, interest and a keen knowledge of his country, Ireland. I was immediately taken by his passion under a calm, quiet demeanor. I adored the abundance of detail and opinion, and like usual, I sort of fell in love with who he was but without it being sexual or reaching past friendship.

We ended up meeting shortly after I returned to Europe; him in Ireland, me in France. We exchanged the usual banter of friendship and I was happy he offered his place for me to stay as I had planned a mini trip up north in the fall. We met again...we kissed. Things slowly changed between us.

We started a relationship of sorts. Our faithfulness defined only by us and my heart continually curious to discover RV's intelligence, love of cycling, adventure and change. He hinted at the desire to disown the monotony in his life. I understood as I had made the same decision at his age and never went back...I embraced his dreams as a mentor and also as if they complimented my own. We were in sync, capable of connecting beyond the political rants, geeky past times and pop culture references.

Can I say we fell in love?? Sure.

My travels took me to him frequently (he visited me as well) and I realised that despite my adventures elsewhere, there was something bonding me to my relationship with RV. Our craziness eventually brought me to live with him for a short period and we welcomed it, embraced the realisation of being a “real” couple. We soon celebrated our 1 year anniversary together in his country with a bottle or two of Loire valley red, music and other romantic things. (If you don't know Broke Social Scene, look it up!)

Rv's cycling dreams became more real and possible as we lingered on future plans in our “weird domestic bliss”. Our shared life had suddenly found a new starting point of needing to break the borders of geography and logic, creating art and traveling and eventually being together again. He had told me earlier last winter he'd come to me in France on bike because before he never had a reason to leave but now he did...I couldn't believe my ears, I lost my breath. I said, “Do it! I'll be there when you get here”. However, it wasn't until this monumental passage that I truly believed what he said and supported, felt it wholly. I realized then that RV is a young man of his word, I loved that!

I am now back in Southern France waiting for him to complete his solitary travel from Ireland to France on bike commencing this August.

The adventure begins here on this blog as we dissect the whole journey and planning of RV's trip to me. I cannot wait and hope to learn more through accompanying blogs, websites and everything I can get my hands on. You see, I don't know the world of biking/cycling except my primary school experiences and unfortunate phobia ridden neuroticism. Despite my negligence and less than stellar capacity to do the same, I am entirely consumed by RV's quest. I hope to be there with him through this blog right up until he is back in my arms. Yes, we are nauseating but I seriously don't give a shit!

I hope you enjoy your experience. We will document the whole thing via email, pics, SMS and the like here on “RV & His Girl”.

Welcome readers, it's just the beginning!

In the words of Sheldon Brown on biking in Europe:

Reasons for:

  • 10. Cheaper than EurailPass (in the long term)

  • 9. You want to camp most of the time

  • 8. More satisfying - bragging rights

  • 7 Will make you incredibly fit very quickly

  • 6 You'll see more diverse areas of the country you're visiting

  • 5. You are very independent minded

  • 4. You'll develop a greater spirit of adventure

  • 3. More opportunities to meet the people

  • 2. Richer experience of the country and it's culture

  • 1. Don't have to pay outrageous European gas prices

Reasons against:

  • You hate physical exercise (people in that category probably aren't here)

  • You don't have a bike / haven't ridden in years

  • You're only/mostly interested in the large cities

  • Limited time to visit many places (although - 1990!)

  • You get discouraged easily

  • You have no one to travel with and get lonely easily

  • Depending on country and route, you won't always have access to hostels

  • Traveling in winter

I am so proud of you RV!

- RV Girl in waiting
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