Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Canadian Environmentalist Tim Harvey on CBC

An interesting and thought provoking segment (originally aired in Nov.2006 on CBC) on Tim Harvey who biked, canoed and tried to make his way around the world, emission free.

This feature documents the many obstacles Harvey faced including losing his initial partner and having to find a way out of various situations that could have deterred his plight.

See the video here via Google Video.

"It began as a dream to adventure by zero-emission means: Vancouver to Moscow by human power. The dream then grew - how to make it home, and circle the world, without fossil fuels? It took two and a half years on bicycles, by foot, in rowboats, canoes, wooden raft and under sail, on a route across five continents and two oceans."

To learn more about the trip click here to see the official site.

-RV's Girl

What Happens When...

You make a barter 'ad deal' with someone and they don't do their share?

It's gone! Sorry!

(Anyway, I'm not that much of a bitch so here is the direct link to them)

-RV's Girl listening to RV watching Aeon Flux

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Monday Morning...

Been up since six this morning due to mogwai interference but I overcame my tiredness as soon as it was light out, its funny how your body tells you your not tired simply because there was a transition from dark to bright.

Anyway this gives me a chance to do a little blogging as the mogwai is sleeping and I have the computer to myself for another hour or so and so I can impart onto you the wonderful things my journey through the internets has thought me this morning.

First up is a great bike related project from Trondheim Norway that I caught on Rocketboom and thought was worth a mention. Trondheim has the highest bicycle use in Norway, maybe even the developed world (90% of people claiming it is their primary means of transport) and one of reasons for this is the cities investment in an infrastructure that includes dedicated bike paths and this fantastic invention. Its a bicycle lift that transports you and your bike to the top of what I assume is a very steep hill. You can see a youtube video here.

And now another innovative transport solution found on BoingBoing earlier, its called Train and is was created by the French design duo HEHE. I love this idea.

Still thinking about that tandem design and no one has been forthcoming with any solutions as to how to create a DIY tandem bike that can be broken down and carried which means one of two thing either no one has any solutions or no one reads this:-)

Ok its bye bye from me, stay tuned...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello Friends...

Ok, this is my first post of 2007, its a little late I know but the WiFi signal that was so graciously left unsecured by some wonderful person who probably lives not more than one hundred feet from me suddenly vanished. And so I got a little lazy not wanting to hog my favorite girls laptop for too long because she has things to do to and also because I have to surf for at least four to five hours before I overcome the static friction, open blogger and build up the speed necessary to write two hundred words or so. Its not easy for me, this is why I quit my job to begin with, so I could work when I wanted to not when I had to.

Well enough of my ranting, its the new year and my special lady friend has taken her new years resolution to heart and started smoking rolling tobacco as part of of cost cutting exercise, and she is pretty good at rolling to. I also think this is better for her than the French cigarettes she was smoking before as well as the fact that she saves about fifty Euro a week.

On the bike front Ive been thinking about our dream to go biking together in the spring and trying to figure out how we can make or get a tandem that can fold up so we can take it on trains easily. I'm all ears in terms of suggestions. Stay tuned.