Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Canadian Environmentalist Tim Harvey on CBC

An interesting and thought provoking segment (originally aired in Nov.2006 on CBC) on Tim Harvey who biked, canoed and tried to make his way around the world, emission free.

This feature documents the many obstacles Harvey faced including losing his initial partner and having to find a way out of various situations that could have deterred his plight.

See the video here via Google Video.

"It began as a dream to adventure by zero-emission means: Vancouver to Moscow by human power. The dream then grew - how to make it home, and circle the world, without fossil fuels? It took two and a half years on bicycles, by foot, in rowboats, canoes, wooden raft and under sail, on a route across five continents and two oceans."

To learn more about the trip click here to see the official site.

-RV's Girl

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