Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Begininng Of A Slow Week...

And, it's Thursday! Rv & I had an awesome holiday weekend with ALOT of food and drink AND good sex! We amused ourselves and ended up making a funny Christmas meal on Monday. Normally when you make stuffing it's supposed to be with Turkey but we created the Holiday Stuffed Ham Roll!

Here's a glance at the beauty. Ta-da!

The Turkey we purchased turned bad on the 24th and RV said that 'normal people' usually eat on Christmas day so luckily we enjoy improvisation.

We finished off the stuffing properly though the day after for Boxing Day after a match of chess with chicken filets as the Turkey stench never left us and we were too scared to try again and be disappointed. We weren't. Yummy. It was the first time in my life I made a Christmas dinner.

We finished the evening with a viewing of 'Shortbus'. Surprisingly this is a great film to see as a couple, or maybe more appropriately, for the kind of couple we are. John Cameron Mitchell made a film so warm and human that the fact of real sexual acts being performed is relevant without it being 'porn' or awkward or whatever it was/is negative responses have deemed. Don't follow the sheep, see it for yourself. If you haven't seen JCM's Hedwig yet, watch that too and make it a double feature.

I'm kind of surprised the end of year is already near. RV picked up our key for the workshop yesterday, on bike, and now we have to load up on champagne, supplies and get the place running. I can't wait. We have been slowly leading up to bigger and greater things and like it always feels, some things are worth the wait.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful, no matter what shape or form.

-RV's Girl Listening to Trente Moller Essential Mix

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